Greetings fellow traveller! My name is Camryn and I started Royce and Rocket with my mother two years ago to widen the world. I’ve spent evenings with flamingoes in a treehouse in Morrocco, gone paragliding in Sochi and kissed a stranger on a rooftop in Mumbai. The world is limitless if we seize all opportunities, and the art of living with no regrets takes you way deeper. We started Royce and Rocket to share this perspective, and to get it going, I’m sharing some of my own stories.

I hadn’t seen much of America until border closures, but if there is one silver lining to this time, it’s leaving it with a better understanding of this wild place. It changed my life. The magnitude of beauty within these borders is staggering - from Kentucky’s rolling horse country to the South’s low country out West to the red rocks of Utah and the rugged shores of Oregon, each space and people all consuming in entirely their own ways. Endlessly unique cultures and landscapes all united? Gorgeous.  

When it comes to travel, my motto had always been the further the better. What this time taught me though, is that being a good traveller starts in your own backyard. It starts with understanding your neighbors, the realities within a 2 hour radius of you, the closer to home I find, the broader you have to stretch your mind. And that’s no joke. 

All of this to open my first series of stories, the ones I’ve gathered from the past year travelling within the States. I’ve found myself skinny dipping in Moab, dining with Hollywood in Savannah, questioning life on top of the soul sand dune in Idaho and jumping out of more than a few planes along the way. Perspective is everything, always. Hope you enjoy.

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