We never get on a plane without these items, and we always land vacation ready. Remember these items in your carry-on - it'll be the least expensive upgrade of your life.

1. Chapstick, Eye Drops, Hand Cream: The Holy Trinity of Hydration

We all know that feeling when our lips/eyes/hands are dry and landing is still 5 hours away... It's the worst and should be avoided at all costs.  

2. The Oversize Scarf

Underrated yet so necessary. Travel with it once, you'll never leave home without it again. You'll look chic in the airport and it doubles as a blanket when you're inevitably freezing on the plane.

BONUS: fuzzy socks. Has anyone ever regretted throwing a pair of fuzzy socks in a bag? No. No they haven't.

3. Chargers

Some planes have USB ports, but a lot of them don't. Play it safe and throw in a plug and a cord. We'd tell you to bring a portable charger too, but the name of the list is things we never leave without - that is an item we commonly forget.

4. Purell

Must we even explain?

5. Pen and Paper

Be ready if inspiration strikes! … Alternatively, it's great to have a pen for any and all landing forms.

6. Headphones

If they're Bluetooth - make sure they're charged!

7. Entertainment

Surprise 3 hour delay? It's not an issue if your entertainment is stacked, so don’t hold back. Download some Podcasts, Books, Movies, TV Shows the usual stuff. But also, get creative with it, that way you can chill out, try new things and still feel productive! (We got introduced to Sudoku after missing a connecting flight in Zurich, been addicted ever since).