It's all about the hidden gems.

Those diamond in the rough moments no one saw coming, and everyone still talks about. It’s those stories that define travel – when things go off book and leaps of faith are taken. We don’t tell stories about things that went perfectly to plan. So, seize every opportunity. Leave your inhibitions on the tarmac, take instinct over assumption, breath in a place and breath out your comfort zone. We know you can. We know the feeling. When everything around you is new, shades away from anything you’ve known before. Unknown sounds fill your ears, foreign smells run through the air, you feel the inkling of fear and choose otherwise. Deciding instead to let the energy take you. The trust pays off, and suddenly everything is just a bit more beautiful.

We live for that.

The real deal

Our Fearless Founders, Rana and Camryn, have been everywhere. We could name the places, but who really cares? They know there's as much to be learned from a neighbor as there is from the other side of the world. They see travel as a mindset. Driven by curiosity and a love of life, they built Royce and Rocket from the ground up. 

Because we know you feel it too

Time is all we have and there's never enough of it. Why waste another second unpacking when there's a whole world to explore? That's why our products are designed to widen your world and deepen your experience.

We're leaving lost time behind. Join us. Let's get more life together.

- Royce and Rocket -