Castle Shelves’ revolutionary design is the future of traveling. Sturdy shelves unfold when you open, making it easy to organize and access belongings.

Hidden compartments for personal items. Privacy screen for when you're away. No regrets travel puts your time and fun first.

Impact Matters

Made with materials that keep the world amazing to explore. Recycled wherever possible and sustainably produced.

The Castle Shelves

Designed to maximize living and minimize packing, our revolutionary, patent-pending Castle Shelves transform your luggage into a piece that's all about keeping you organized and on-the-go.

Thoughtful Design

Built for life on the move, each piece comes equipped with discreet compartments, privacy screens, durable 360 spinner wheels and a three stage trolley handle.

What We're Hearing

Rebecca I Rome, Italy

"With R&R I found some 'me time' on a business trip. Need I say more?"

Max I London, England

"My hotel room didn't look like a bomb went off 10 minutes after arrival. Game changer."

Nitya I Mumbai, India


Gina I New York, NY

"Finally! A suitcase worthy of my wardrobe. Thanks R&R."

Faris I Abu Dhabi, UAE

"I never unpack & now there's a suitcase for that reality. Incredible."

Allison I Honolulu, Hawaii

"As a mom, this bag will make managing the life of my family so much easier."