Where did you get the idea for Royce & Rocket?

After decades of traveling around the world, we realized two things: 1) time is precious time and 2) we waste too much time unpacking and repacking.  So we decided to stop unpacking, stop using the drawers, and also stop living messily out of our suitcases. We figured out a way to live organized and on-the-go. Boom, Castle Shelves.  

Are the Castle Shelves a new invention?

Brand spanking new and never been done. In the legal world, and after three years of research, trial, and lots of errors, we’re patent pending and excited to share this fancy technology with you. 

Who’s behind Royce & Rocket?

We’re a mother-daughter traveling duo. We’re Rana and Cam, respectively. From London to Oman, to NYC, to Bangkok to Seychelles, the Maldives, Cairo and beyond, we’ve traveled the world — and believe travel is your ticket to living more fully and more deeply.

Can I buy a bag at a store? 

Not right now. We’re only available online. It’s how we ensure you get the best bag for the best bang for your buck -- which means more to spend on traveling. 

Love to try Royce & Rocket. Any special offers?

Sometimes :) You can click here to see any specials we’re currently offering.