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12 Items You Should Definitely Pack for a Summer Holiday

12 Items You Should Definitely Pack for a Summer Holiday

Summer is in full swing and there’s no shortage of fun and exciting ways to experience the sunniest season. If you’re planning to spend part of the upcoming season vacationing in a special city or country, you should definitely review your list of things to pack.

Any avid traveler knows the importance of packing the right items. After all, no one wants to be caught without essential things that make their trip more comfortable and manageable. However, we all forget to pack a few important items in our excitement to hit the airport or train station.

We want to ensure this doesn’t happen to our readers, so we have compiled a list of twelve items you should definitely pack for your next summer holiday. So let’s kick off this list!

1. Phone Charger

Phone chargers top the list of items people tend to forget when packing for holidays. These essential items are often overlooked because they’re usually plugged into a wall outlet when you’re in the midst of packing. However, forgetting your charger could be potentially devastating if you’re planning to use your phone to guide you to your vacation destination or contact your hotel.

No one wants to shell out twenty bucks for a new charger at the airport, so be sure to pack this essential item before leaving the house.

2. Sunglasses

Can’t enjoy the sun without your trusty sunglasses. These items are often considered non-essential, but do you really want to be caught squinting in your holiday photos? Whether you have a set of classic cat eyes, square Ray Bans, or sporty shield sunglasses, you will definitely need these for comfort during your daily travels. 

Most people would opt to carry their sunglasses with them in their purse or carry-on bag. However, these fragile items can survive remarkably well inside packing cubes tucked into a suitcase.

3. Umbrella

The summer season often brings plenty of rain with it to balance out the sunshine. If you’re traveling to a city or country known for having a damp monsoon season, you will definitely need to bring an umbrella with you. 

An umbrella won’t just keep you dry in the event of a sudden shower, it could also save your trip. After all, no one likes canceling their day plans due to a rainy forecast. Bringing an umbrella with you ensures you can still hit exciting spots on your travel list in spite of spotty weather.

4. Bathing Suit

No vacation is complete without a relaxing swim. Whether you’re traveling to a coastal city, staying at a hotel with a pool, or planning to visit hot springs, be sure to pack your bathing suit. 

If you’re planning to hit the jacuzzi at a fancy spa, why not bring your luggage with shelves along? The 31-inch luggage offering from Royce and Rocket features two fold-out shelves that are perfect for holding accessories such as mini towels and moisturizer bottles and keeping them within reaching distance while you unwind.

5. Towels

Towels are another often-forgotten essential item you should pack for your next trip. You might want to consider packing a full-size towel and a face towel to ensure you’re never caught without one on your vacation.

Towels aren’t just useful for drying off, they are also great for shielding fragile or leaky shampoo and conditioner bottles from your other luggage items in transit. 

6. Sunscreen

Hoping to get a nice tan on your upcoming trip? You should remember to pack a bottle of your favorite sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential for blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, so it is vital to bring this with you if you intend to spend lots of time outdoors at your travel destination. 

You may also want to invest in a sunscreen with a higher SPF if you intend to travel near the equator since the sun’s rays are stronger there. Sunscreen comes in an array of sizes, brands, and protection so opt for a travel sized bottle as well as full sized. Both fit perfectly into your packing cubes, and the travel sized is perfect for when you are on the go.

7. Selfie Stick

You can preserve memories of the exciting places you will visit by taking plenty of photos on your trip. A selfie stick can be really useful for this task.

Modern selfie sticks are designed to pair with most smartphones via Bluetooth and enable you to take better photos without having to overstretch your arm. These contraptions can also be retracted when they are not in use. This means they can fit into just about any 30 inch luggage or suitcase.

8. Flip Flops

You might have already decided which shoes to bring with you on your trip. For example, everyone remembers to pack a set of comfortable joggers for extended walks. However, many people forget to pack a pair of flip flops.

These open shoes allow your feet to breathe and are perfect for walking in beach environments or simply lounging by the poolside. You should also consider bringing along a plastic bag to store your flip flops for when they aren’t in use.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a tourist’s best friend, especially if you’re traveling to places where hygiene isn’t considered a top priority. A small bottle of sanitizer can be useful in a number of ways. It can help ensure your hands are clean before partaking in an impromptu meal on the street. It can also help you disinfect surfaces such as tables and chairs before using them.

10. Makeup 

No one should leave for a trip without their essential makeup items, especially if you want to look your best for your holiday selfies. Be sure to bring most, if not all the items you use in your everyday makeup routine. You can also pack some extra goodies for those special nights.

Doing your makeup on-the-go can be frustrating but may still be necessary. The good news is that you can use luggage with shelves to arrange your various makeup items and keep them within easy reach for a quick touch up before stepping outside.

11. Filtered Water Bottle

Filtered water bottles are an underappreciated item that could save your upcoming trip. These bottles are designed to filter out sediments, viruses, and bacteria and make water from open sources safe to drink.

Such bottles help cut down on your holiday expenses, as you won’t need to keep spending money on disposable water bottles. They also help keep you safe from water-borne viruses that could potentially ruin your trip. Consider investing in a filtered water bottle and bringing it with you on your next trip.

12. Clothes

No one’s going to forget to pack clothes for their vacation. However, you might forget to pack certain types of clothes such as PJs, shorts, or t-shirts for lounging around when you’re not out exploring the city.

You may also want to pack short sleeve or sleeveless tops if you’re planning to visit a city or country known for having hot Summertime weather.

Packing the Essentials

Once you’ve gathered all the essential items you will need for your upcoming trip, you will need to pack them into your suitcase. Royce and Rocket’s spacious 31-inch suitcase is perfect for anyone who wants to be well-prepared for their travels and our packing cubes make it easy to organize and stay that way.

This suitcase features two sturdy shelves that can be used in a number of ways. Its four-wheel design offers excellent maneuverability, and its TSA-approved lock ensures your luggage items stay safe during your travels. Make your next trip truly special with luggage from Royce and Rocket.

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