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12 Places to Explore in Switzerland

12 Places to Explore in Switzerland

Switzerland might be a small country, but it has a whole lot of amazing places to visit. From scenic turquoise lakes to scenic mountain peaks and countryside replete with historical wonders, Switzerland surely has something for everyone. 

As a matter of fact, there's so much to do in Switzerland that you might find it tough to decide which places to visit. To help you out, we have made a list of the top places to explore so that you can plan your trip accordingly. Ideally, you should spend at least seven days in the country to visit all the major attractions. Thus, make sure to pack your belongings in large luggage or keep trunk luggage that can carry everything you will need for the trip.

1.The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the world's most photographed mountain peaks and is a top attraction to explore in the country. With an impressive height of 4,478 meters, adventurous mountaineers from across the world visit Switzerland to try the summit. If you aren't feeling too confident, you can simply go on the cable car. The Matterhorn peak has the highest cable car station in the Alps, offering some breathtaking mountain views and beyond. 

Keep in mind that the temperatures at Matterhorn can drop quite low, so you should pack sweaters and jackets in your large luggage to keep you comfortable.

2. Interlaken

Interlaken lies between Lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west. The beautiful city hosts some of the best summer holiday resorts in the country. Höhematte, a marvel of urban planning with thirty-five acres of open space, boasts of hotels, cafes, and flower gardens in the middle of the town. 

Packing cubes are an excellent way to save space in your trunk luggage. Thus, you can pack a layer of light clothes in packing cubes as you prepare to visit Interlaken.

3. Swiss Alps

Everything you have probably heard about the beauty of the Swiss Alps is true – it is a destination so breathtakingly beautiful that everyone needs to visit once in their life. From the rugged, sky-touching peaks to the lush valleys that seem to go on forever to the charming medieval mountain towns overlooking beautiful rivers and lakes, this Alpine region of Switzerland offers unique scenery made for creating lifelong memories. Besides admiring the view, you can spend some time skiing or hiking the trails.

4. Jungfraujoch

The Jungfraujoch is a Swiss wonder that totally deserves its nickname – the Top of Europe. A glacier saddle between two mountains, the Jungfraujoch is one of the highest places to visit in Switzerland. Don't get put off by the altitude – there are plenty of things to do for the entire family, from tobogganing to mountain climbing and a lot more. Nevertheless, probably the best attraction is the internationally renowned Jungfrau railway. Starting from Kleine Scheidegg, the train goes up to 3,454 meters above sea level to Jungfraujoch.

5. Lucerne

Lucerne is a medieval town with waterfront promenades, historic buildings, covered bridges, and sun-splashed plazas, making it a spectacular tourist spot. 

The town is also famed for its music concerts attracting renowned orchestras, conductors, and soloists. If you wish to attend these musical events, simply leave your large luggage in the hotel room and head over to the Culture and Convention Centre.

6. Zurich

Zurich is a food haven, a cosmopolitan financial center, and a romantic European city that is loved by all kinds of tourists. A vacation here should include spending time alongside Lake Zurich, visiting the trendy restaurants and bars, walking through Lindenhof Park, and exploring the city's unique neighborhoods. Plus, you should also taste the famous truffles from Teuscher.

7. Swiss National Park

The only national park in the country, the Swiss National Park is located in the eastern part of Switzerland and spreads over 42,000 acres of land. The beauty of this national park is what attracts tourists – verdant valleys stretching for miles amid the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Hikers are going to get fifty miles of trails to explore, while nature lovers can check out the various birds, marmots, ibexes, and flowers that are there in the park.

8. Geneva

With Lausanne in the east to Geneva in the west, Lake Geneva is one of the most wonderful places in Switzerland. From the busyness of Geneva to the numerous vineyards crawling up the hillsides around the lake, there are plenty of things to do in the nearby region. And there are plenty of activities to do on the lake as well, such as kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, etc. If you are feeling a bit lazy, you can just sit back and admire the lake's beauty from a paddle steamer's deck as it moves across the water.

9. Lugano

Lugano is a lakefront city that offers tourists a distinct Swiss travel experience. As Lugano shares waters with Italy, it features a mix of Mediterranean and Swiss influences in everything from its architecture to its cuisine. 

Moreover, Lugano boats unforgettable sceneries. You can visit Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore to get a bird's eye view of the city and lake. You can even spend a couple of hours hiking the Olive Grove trail. If you wish to relax at a beach, simply head over to Lido di Lugano.

10. Château de Chillon

No trip to Switzerland is complete without a visit to the medieval Château de Chillon. Situated on an island in Lake Geneva near Montreux town, the castle dates back to the 1100s when it was used as a strategic water fort. It then became a lakeside summer house for the affluent Counts of Savoy. The castle is Switzerland's most famous historical attraction and is surely a must-visit when you are exploring the country. 

There are plenty of bazaars near the Château de Chillon where you can get souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. We recommend you pack them in packing cubes to prevent them from getting damaged.

11. Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein is a beautiful town that looks straight out of a fairytale. Located right along the stretch of the Rhine that enters into Lake Untersee, the town is replete with splendid architecture. For instance, you will see frescoes painted on the domes of the churches and cobblestone streets flanked by colorful half-timbered houses.

12. Bern

If you like culture, architecture, and history, you should definitely visit Bern. Take lovely pictures with your family in the most photographed city in the world that looks right out of a person's dreams. Admire the hundreds of fountains in the Swiss capital going back to the 1200s, with each possessing a distinct artwork. 

You can either swim across the Aare River or walk on foot. If you're visiting in the summer, we suggest you take a dip in the river. 

Last Few Words

There are so many incredible places to visit in Switzerland that it's tough to pick just a few. Given the number of days you'll be spending here, it's best to organize your clothes in packing cubes and keep them safely in trunk luggage.

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