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4 Destinations That Transform into a Winter Wonderland Each Year

4 Destinations That Transform into a Winter Wonderland Each Year

There’s nothing quite as enchanting as a gorgeous icy landscape, with sloping hills covered in snow, and crystal clear glaciers that sprawl for miles. If you love everything about the winter, why not visit a mystical winter wonderland this year?

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the perfect vacation destinations that you should visit during your next winter holiday. Whether you’re looking to explore frozen caverns, ski down snowy mountains, or snuggle up in a warm cabin, this list has everything you need to know to make your next winter holiday truly one of a kind.

So what are you waiting for? Pack up that pink suitcase with packing cubes and set out on a one of a kind winter adventure today.

The Best European Winter Holiday Destinations

The European continent is home to some of the most popular winter destinations.


Finland is easily one of the best winter wonderland vacation spots! Travel to the Arctic during the winter for a chance to view the Aurora Borealis, take in some of the world's purest air, and enjoy the greatest winter outdoor activities Finland has to offer. Popular snowy vacation spots in Finland's Arctic area include Levi and Rovaniemi. In the winter, cross-country skiers,  snowmobilers, and downhill skiers all visit the lovely town of Levi. Cross-country skiing, ice climbing, and walks to frozen waterfalls are all accessible from Rovaniemi. Make sure to visit Santa Claus' Village while you're there to soak in the holiday spirit; it's open all year. Afterward, you can even unwind and warm up at a local Finnish sauna. Rent out a cabin that can house your large luggage, and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime in Finland.


Without a doubt, one of the world's most breathtaking winter wonderland destinations is Austria. This nation is a true highlight for an outstanding snowy trip because of the snowy winters, the various ski resorts, and the many winter activities. Wintertime is the ideal time to visit western Austrian towns like Tirol, Salzburg, Vorarlberg, and Carinthia, where the snow-covered mountains evoke a picture-perfect scene.

You can do a lot of incredible activities when on vacation in the winter. Although skiing is Austria's most well-known sport, there are also many options for cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, as well as just strolling or snowshoeing through the beautiful landscape.

 The best place to warm up after trekking through the Austrian snowscape is an après-ski pub, where the fun starts at midday. However, for those who want solitude, warm yourself in one of the many hot baths and unwind your aching legs.

The Christmas markets in Austria are also really lovely, and you can go there between the end of November and the end of December. A visit to Vienna, where you may see the most exquisite winter markets in Austria, is advised for this. Austria's best and snowiest months are January and February. You may be in for some chilly weather, a lot of snow, and a sky that sometimes looks too beautiful to be real. The winter is the ideal time to grab that pink suitcase of yours and take a trip to Austria.

Munich, Germany

In the winter, Munich and the mountains around become a magical winter wonderland, where visitors can engage in a variety of different fun activities. Some of the greatest Christmas markets in the world can be found in Munich, starting in early December. The medieval Christmas market and Christmas village at the Residence Palace in the center of the city are Munich's most enchanted holiday attractions.

Make sure to bring your packing cubes with you! With all the souvenirs you're bound to buy, they'll be handy when trying  to maximize the space in your large luggage.

For those who enjoy winter sports, there’s no place like Munich. In the winter, thousands of professional and hobbyist ice skaters flock to the icy peaks of Munich. In the winter, Munich's Karlsplatz has the most beautiful ice skating rink, which is situated adjacent to vendors serving regional foods and beverages. 

What about swimming in a steaming lake in Dantebad? Munich’s water resort. You’ll find cozy outdoor pools covered in snow, twisting water slides, and a variety of wellness activities. Munich is also home to Therme Erding, the biggest spa in the world. 

There are many wonderful day excursions that you can do from Munich, so pack that pink suitcase and venture out while you can. Explore the most attractive and captivating ancient cities of Germany, such as Rothenburg, Tauber, Nuremberg, Regensburg, or see the most exquisite fairytale castles in the world, the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Linderhof Castle surrounded by gorgeous mountains.



One of the greatest seasons to visit Iceland is during the low season of winter when there aren’t as many visitors and you can get fantastic deals on lodging. You may engage in a variety of winter activities between November and March, such as discovering ice caves or taking in the Northern Lights.

Visit a massive glacier and explore stunning ice tunnels. Don't miss out on this breathtaking feat of nature as the season for ice caves is relatively brief. Beautiful Iceland appears like something out of a fantasy novel when it is covered in white snow.

On a chilly day, relaxing in a hot spring is a wonderful idea. Due to the wonderful light, winter in Iceland is also the finest season for photography. The sun rises in Iceland at 11am, so you may get up around 10am and still be able to take beautiful shots.

While you’re here, take the chance to photograph stunning waterfalls and many other Icelandic sites in a breathtaking winter landscape. It’s also worth pointing out that the weather isn’t as harsh as it may appear, it’s actually quite pleasant. When the wind is blowing, you could feel a little cold. A terrific experience, though, is traveling around Iceland in the winter.

If you travel with large luggage, don’t worry, there’s lodges and rooms you can rent out for reasonable rates, where you can store your belongings.



Home to the mystifying northern lights, Norway is hands down one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the winter. The craggy rock formations sticking out of the fjords' deep blue sea and being dusted with snow and ice have a certain allure.

Journey into the Arctic Circle to see Norway's winter at its best. To enjoy dogsledding, whale watching, winter hiking, snowshoeing, and other activities, take a flight to Tromsö. The city is situated on a little island that is encircled by mountains. Take a journey up the cable car, commonly known as the Fjellheisen, for a breathtaking aerial perspective of Tromsö! 

If you plan on staying for long, you may need to pack extra clothes and belongings. Save on space using packing cubes. Royce and Rocket offer sets of packing cubes, they come in a variety of sizes and colors, to suit your every travel need.

Where Will You Spend Your Winter?

Now that you know all about the best European winter wonderlands to visit this holiday season, where do you plan to spend your holiday? Will you perhaps journey to Poland? Or perhaps Munich? Wherever you spend your winter, make the most of every moment, with Royce and Rocket.

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