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7 Hotels You Need to See to Believe

7 Hotels You Need to See to Believe

Everyone looks forward to staying at a nice hotel when they’re on vacation. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of tossing their pink suitcase in a corner and laying onto a bed with silky smooth sheets?

While most people typically choose hotels out of necessity when visiting another city or country, some people visit other places just to stay at a particular hotel. This is because there are many unique hotels around the word that serve as attractions. We have compiled a list of seven hotels you need to see to believe.

1. Treehouse Lodge Resort: The Amazon Forest in Peru

The Amazon Forest is depicted as one of the most exotic locations in the world due to its vast size and unique wildlife. This area is brimming with amazing plants and animals, but it doesn’t generally come off as a hospitable place to stay. However, most people change their minds when they see the Treehouse Lodge Resort.

This hotel is nestled in the heart of the Amazon forest in Peru and consists of twelve treehouses located 35 to 75 feet above the forest ground. This allows visitors to experience the rainforest from the vantage point of the treetop canopy, which makes the entire experience especially unique and breathtaking.

Many guests report that their favorite thing about this hotel was being able to kick back in their rooms and hear the sounds of the rainforest around them in the evening. Mark Peru on your luggage tag and book a room at the Treehouse Lodge Resort!

2. Santos Express: Mossel Bay, South Africa

You might have slept on a train at some point in your life, but have you ever lodged at a defunct train by the Indian Ocean? The Santos Express is just that.

This is a hotel known as “The Train” because it consists of multiple train carriages parked barely thirty meters from the shores of the Indian Ocean. This hotel opened in 1994 and has maintained much of the original woodwork of the train back when it was still in use. The hotel has managed to fit a full-sized bed in each carriage so you can sleep comfortably and catch a gorgeous view of the ocean waves through the train windows at any time.

Grab your favorite large luggage piece and head on down to South Africa for this unique attraction.

3. Taj Lake Palace: Rajasthan, Indian

If you’ve ever wanted to stay at a summer palace while on holiday, then the Taj Lake Palace is the perfect hotel for you. This palace is located on an island in Lake Pichora, in India. It was built in 1743 and has a massive foundation spanning 16,000 square meters.

The palace originally served as a summer retreat for Indian Royalty and has been maintained throughout the centuries, so its white marble still looks pristine against the crystal clear lake waters.

This hotel is considered one of the most romantic getaway locations on the planet, so consider going there with your partner on your honeymoon or anniversary. It’s a sunny paradise that’s sure to create lots of unforgettable memories. So fish out your luggage tag and book your ticket to India.

4. Anantara Golden Triangle: Wiang, Thailand

If you want to get up close with nature, you should probably check out the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort in Wiang, Thailand. This resort is located in the heart of Thailand's mountains and is surrounded by natural forests.

The region’s start wildlife attractions are elephants, and it’s not uncommon to see herds of them strolling through the resort premises. However, the most interesting thing about this resort are its “Jungle Bubble” rooms. These are large spherical glass “bubble” rooms perched on wooden decks in the forest. They offer stellar views of nature while keeping you and your pink suitcase well-shielded from the natural elements.

Get a chance to live in a bubble and experience nature by booking a spot at the Anantara Golden Triangle hotel.

5. Palacio de Sal: Bolivia Salt Flats

You might have seen hotels made of ice, but have you ever heard of one made from salt? Well, that’s what you’ll see if you book a room at Palacio del Sal, or “the world’s first salt hotel”.

This hotel is located in the middle of the salt flats in Bolivia. Its structure is made from millions of compact blocks made from salt and water extracted from these salt flats and bonded together using paste made from the same ingredients.

We wouldn’t recommend licking the walls of this hotel, but we do think the idea of a salt hotel is incredibly cool. This hotel features many more run-of-the-mill attractions such as a spa, a pool, and rooms with an open view of the salt flats. You can also purchase a variety of salt souvenirs at the hotel, so be sure to leave some extra room in your large luggage piece for these gifts before setting off.

6. The Muraka: Maldives

Ever wanted to stay in an underwater hotel room? Then The Muraka hotel suite is the perfect choice for you. This luxury hotel opened its doors in 2018 and offers patrons access to a two-level residence where the bedroom is sixteen feet below the Indian Ocean.

The residence is equipped with a private butler service and a personal chef. This resort is accessible only via speedboat, so you might want to tie a lifejacket around your pink suitcase before heading over here.

7. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort: Lapland, Finland

Finland is one of the best Scandinavian countries to visit for its natural attractions. This country is also located at a latitude where you can regularly see the Northern Lights. If you want to visit Finland specifically to catch one of nature’s miraculous light shows, then the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the perfect hotel for you.

The rooms at this resort consist of glass igloos located outdoors. This arrangement allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the skies above from the comfy warmth of an enclosed space. So mark Finland on your luggage tag and book a flight to Finland to check out this resort in-person.

Stay at Some of the Most Unique Hotels on the Planet

The hotels described above are among the most unique in the world and staying at them is sure to create plenty of amazing memories. So consider adding them to your bucket list and making your travel experiences more special.

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