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7 Music Festivals to Plan Your Next Vacation Around

7 Music Festivals to Plan Your Next Vacation Around

They say music makes the world go round, and they’re not wrong. There’s nothing quite like seeing a live musical performance and feeling like part of the music. If you live in a major city, chances are you already get to see many famous artists perform live regularly. However, single concerts are nothing compared to seeing a full music festival.

Witnessing a lineup of talented artists and musicians perform over the course of several days in an outdoor environment can be a unique experience. In fact, many people consider music festivals to be life-changing events. If you’re interested in seeing one or more music festivals on your next vacation, you’re in luck! There are dozens of fantastic music festivals held across the globe each year.

We have compiled a list of 7 essential music festivals to plan your next vacation around. So grab your luggage tag and pack some sunscreen!

1. Coachella

Let’s face it, Coachella is arguably the most high-profile musical festival on the planet this decade. This festival is held in Indio, California each year and consists of both music and art events.

Coachella is known to host the biggest musical acts of all time. This includes artists who are currently topping music charts in North America and Europe as well as big-name music veterans. 

Coachella gets bigger with each passing year, and the event organizers have even allowed festival goers to start camping on the festival grounds. So be sure to stock your favorite pink suitcase with everything you’ll need for the duration of this week-long festival. Just be sure to buy tickets soon because they tend to sell out in minutes!

2. Glastonbury

If Coachella is considered the biggest music festival in the United States, then Glastonbury could be considered the biggest music festival in the United Kingdom. This annual music and arts event was founded in 1970 and was first notably held at a farm and under the name “Pilton Pop, Folk, and Blues Festival”.

As one of the United Kingdom’s premier annual events, Glastonbury has expanded greatly. The event still gives priority to legendary British artists, but many American, French, and Australian acts have also found their way as headliners in recent years.

You can expect to hear just about every music genre at this event. This includes some of the best pop, rock, techno, house, and drum & bass that artists crank out on the venue’s hi-fi sound system.

The event also features a special night time zone called Shangri-La with unique immersive theatre performances and acts. Glastonbury is a must-see for anyone who plans to visit the United Kingdom in the summer. So pull out that 30 inch luggage piece from the basement and start packing.


If you’re crazy about electronic music, you’re definitely going to want to visit Tomorrowland at some point in your life. This event is held in the town of Boom in Belgium and was first organized in 2005. 

Tomorrowland has become famous for being THE place to see the top DJs around the globe. This includes artists who are topping charts as well as seasoned veterans who have been performing at DJ festivals around the globe for decades.

This festival is known for having dazzling light show displays and creative set pieces to enhance the atmosphere. All these factors come together to make this festival a once in a lifetime experience. 

Try adding Tomorrowland to your Eurotrip itinerary and mark Boom, Belgium on your luggage tag. You won’t regret it!

4. Primavera

Primavera is a relatively new music festival. This event started in 2001, but it gained significantly more traction when its venue was changed to Parc del Forum in Barcelona in 2005.  It currently stands as the biggest music festival in the Mediterranean. 

The Parc del Forum venue is unique because it is a public park. However, this park doesn’t have mud, unlike other overused outdoor park concert venues. Instead the venue was purposefully designed to give festival goers an excellent view of the stage no matter where they are. 

Despite the venue’s excellent design, it should be noted that they don’t allow attendees to camp on the premises. So you’ll need to leave your favorite pink suitcase at a nearby hotel or AirBnB if you’re planning to come to this event.

5. Montreux Jazz Festival

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Switzerland, then the summertime Montreux Jazz Festival is the perfect excuse to plan a trip. This annual festival is held in the city of Montreux with events planned along the shore of the gorgeous Lake Geneva.

The festival lasts around two weeks and features unique global music that is sure to appeal to just about any music lover. Montreux’s local population loves art and music, so you’re definitely going to meet some like-minded individuals here.

The jazz festival has hosted some iconic artists such as Miles Davis, and B.B King over the decades, so be sure to attend and see the next generation of iconic musicians take the stage.

When you’re done with the festivities, you can start shopping for Swiss cheeses and chocolates for your friends and family back home. Just make sure to leave some extra room in your 30 inch luggage piece for these gifts when you’re planning your trip!

6. Dekmantel

If you’re hungry for another European electronic music festival, then Dekmantel has you covered! This festival is held in the pristine forest and gorgeous meadows of Amsterdam Bose, a large city park in the middle of Amsterdam. It’s the perfect backdrop for a beat-heavy music event that’s sure to get your body moving. 

Like Tomorrowland, this event also hosts many world-renowned DJs, so you’re sure to see a handful of recognizable names take center stage at the event. So mark Amsterdam as your next destination on your luggage tag and start planning your trip.

7. Afro Nation

Head on down to Portugal for one of the most unique music festivals around. Afro Nation features music acts that span genres such as hip-hop, afrobeat, dancehall, R&B, and afro house.

This event is held at the gorgeous Praia da Rocha Beachin which is a few miles south of the city of Portimo. Pack your favorite pink suitcase and book a flight to Portugal this summer for Afro Nation!

Celebrate the Music of Life at Music Festivals

As you can see, there are many fantastic music festivals to check out around the globe. These events give you a chance to let loose and enjoy live music in a large setting with thousands of people. So make your next vacation memorable by adding one of these festivals to your itinerary.

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