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7 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Luggage on Holiday

7 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Luggage on Holiday

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Traveling can be a stressful experience for some people, especially if they had bad experiences in the past. However, if you are willing to tolerate a day of discomfort, you can look forward to having a great time at your destination.

People who travel frequently may already be aware of the odds of losing their bags. One study found that American Airlines lose two out of every thousand bags in their possession. This means you may become a victim of faulty baggage handling at some point in your life.

Losing a bag can be a traumatic experience for anyone. After all, your suitcase may contain a wardrobe that took your years to assemble or other items that possess sentimental value.

The good news is that there are numerous ways to minimize your chances of losing your bag. We have compiled a list of seven tips to avoid losing your luggage on holiday. So let’s get into it!

1. Keep Your Bags Within Sight

You can be concerned about baggage handlers or airport security losing your bag. However, it is also possible for prospective thieves to steal your bag while you are still in possession of it. 

Many thieves keep an eye out for travelers who fail to keep their bags close by. These thieves need only a few seconds to swoop in to steal a bag from one of their victims, so it’s important to keep your bag within your line of sight at all times.

If you’re traveling with a group or partner, you should entrust someone else with your bag if you need to visit the rest room or leave the area temporarily. If you’re traveling alone, you can try leaving your bag at an information counter or help desk until your return later.

2. Use Luggage Tags

Baggage handlers and airport staff often lose suitcases because they aren’t marked with information. Such information is typically provided on the baggage tags that airport staff place on checked baggage. However, these can be torn off in extreme situations. Once this happens, baggage handlers won’t know who a certain 30 inch luggage piece belongs to or where it needs to go.

It is possible to reduce the chances of losing a bag after the baggage tag has been ripped off by attaching your own luggage tags. These are special tags containing cards that can be attached to your bag’s handle.  Try to get a luggage tag that is durable with a strap that will not tear easily.  

You can fill out your name, phone number, address, and travel destination on this bag. This way, if the airport’s baggage tag is torn off, staff will still have some way to identify who the bag belongs to and where it needs to go.

3. Place Distinct Identifiers On Your Bag

While most travelers may lose their bags due to airport staff negligence or theft, others may lose them when other travelers inadvertently mistake them for their own luggage. This happens frequently if you have a suitcase from a popular brand.  This also happens if you have a black 30 inch luggage which seems to be the majority of luggage going around the baggage carousel.

People who take these suitcases by accident may not intend to steal them, but they might not realize the bag isn’t theirs until they have reached their destination. You can prevent such issues from happening by placing distinct identifiers on your bag to differentiate them from others. There are many different ways to do this.

For example, you can place a long strip of masking tape along the front of your bag with your name written on the front. Alternatively, you can tie colorful ribbons around your suitcase’s handle to help it stand out from other bags from the same brand. You can also customize your bag with stickers. Try looking for some on your travels or at the airport.  And of course the all important luggage tag!

4. Remove Old Tags or Stickers

As mentioned earlier, baggage handlers typically look at the baggage tag stickers to determine which flight to place a suitcase on. However, their job becomes more confusing if your suitcase still contains old tags or stickers from previous flights.

A baggage handler may get confused between two different flight tags on your suitcase and place it on the wrong flight. This can lead to a stressful situation where your luggage is shipped to the wrong country. Retrieving such luggage can take a long time, so be sure to remove any old tags or airline stickers from your bags before checking them in for a flight.

5. Use a GPS Tracker

Travelers who want to be extra-careful about not losing their bags should invest in GPS trackers. These devices come in many shapes and forms, but they all serve the purpose of helping you track the suitcase they have been placed in.

For example, users with Apple devices can invest in an AirTag for just $29. This tracker’s battery lasts for up to a year so you should be able to track your luggage wherever it winds up. The only catch is that AirTag must be within 30 feet of someone with an iPhone or a bluetooth-enabled Apple Device.  There are more than a few options, a couple others to look into for example would be The Tile Pro and Trakdot.  

6. Choose Non-Stop Flights

Travelers often lose their bags during layovers. For example, if you have less than an hour to catch a connecting flight, there is a good chance your bag won’t make it onto the plane even if you manage to. 

This issue can still exist even if there is a long gap between your flights. This is because your bags will still pass through a larger number of hands, and this increases the odds of them being misplaced.

You can avoid such issues by booking non-stop flights to your destination. Such flights may be harder to come by, but they will reduce the chances of your bags missing the connecting flight or being lost by airport staff.

7. Check-In Early

Our last tip may sound ordinary, but it is still very important: check-in early. The average luggage piece goes through a long journey through the airport before it is loaded onto the flight. This means it might not make it in time if you are one of the last people to reach the check-in counter.  

For this reason, consider arriving at the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. This ensures your bag makes it onto the flight on time. You can also use the extra time to grab a snack or relax with a drink at the airport bar. 

Avoid Losing Your Bags on Your Next Tip

The tips mentioned above will be incredibly valuable for anyone that wants to avoid losing their luggage on holiday. Some of these help prevent you from losing your bags in the first place, while others are designed to help you locate misplaced or stolen suitcases. Nobody wants to lose their luggage while they are on holiday, so be sure to keep the above tips in mind when you are preparing for your next trip.

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