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8 Tips to Pack Luggage Items More Efficiently

8 Tips to Pack Luggage Items More Efficiently

Many people dread the thought of packing for an upcoming trip or holiday. After all, this task can be a breeze or incredibly tedious depending on your packing skills. No one wants to start off their trip with disappointment, so it is vital to be able to pack properly for the occasion.

While some of us have perfected the art of neatly packing our belongings into a suitcase, others still struggle with this task. You might have spent many hours jumping on an overstuffed suitcase in an attempt to force it shut, only to concede and leave behind certain items that would have been useful for your trip.

Most people generally avoid bringing a second suitcase along with them on holiday. This may be due to steep extra baggage fees or simply the hassle of lugging a second heavy item to and from the airport or train station.

The good news is that it is possible to fit most, if not all the items you will need on your trip into a single suitcase. We’ve compiled a list of eight essential tips for packing luggage items more efficiently. So let’s get packing!

1. Make a List of Items You Will Need

Our first tip doesn’t involve packing directly. However, it will definitely be useful for people who want to ensure they can fit all their essential items into a standard 30-inch luggage suitcase.

Consider making a list of all the items you will need on your trip before retrieving your suitcase from under your bed or the basement. We compiled a great list of essential items in an earlier blog, so consider reviewing that before making your list. 

As a rule of thumb, you should always pack the essentials before moving on to the extras such as pillows or that fifth pair of shoes. 

2. Roll Clothing Items

Packing items into a suitcase efficiently can feel like playing a game of Tetris. After all, your goal is to minimize gaps and make the best possible use of every inch of space. Some people might accomplish this by neatly folding their clothing items and tucking them snugly next to one another in a packing cube or simply in the luggage. 

You might be surprised to learn that rolling your clothing is even more efficient than folding them. Simply lay each clothing item down, fold in the edges, and start rolling from one end. If performed correctly, you should end up with a tight cloth cylinder. 

You can then start placing each rolled cylinder into your suitcase starting from a corner. We recommend starting with the biggest items first as they will be difficult to fit in at later stages of the packing process.

3. Pack Smaller Toiletries

No one wants to be left without their favorite shampoo or conditioner while they’re on holiday. However, these bottles can be quite big and aren’t as compressible as your clothes. The good news is that there are many workarounds for this issue.

For example, you can purchase smaller travel-sized versions of such items. Alternatively, you can buy small travel bottles and then fill them up with your essential toiletries. This ensures you get to keep your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or moisturizer with you without them taking up too much precious space in your suitcase.

4. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes can be your best friend if you know how to use them properly. These are flexible zip-closure containers that fit neatly inside your luggage and can keep the contents organized.

Most packing cubes are rectangle shaped, and this means they are perfect for fitting rolled up articles of clothing. Consider placing some of your rolled up t-shirts into a packing cube and tucking the cube into a corner near the start of the packing process.

These cubes are designed to maintain their shape, so you should have plenty of room sectioned off for packing various other items.

5. Pack Items in Your Shoes

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you can’t seem to fit certain small items into your suitcase, you might want to consider stuffing them inside your shoes. Footwear contains a fair amount of empty space which would be otherwise wasted if you ignore it.

Can’t find space for the four pairs of socks you planned to pack? Roll them up and place them in your shoes. This strategy would be useful for anyone who wants to maximize their space usage, so give it a try.

6. Wear What You Can’t Pack

Some items may take up an unusually large amount of space in your suitcase. This includes winter coats, boots, and hats. If you’re eager to bring these items along on your trip, it may be a good idea to simply wear them while you are traveling.

This strategy may be uncomfortable depending on where you’re traveling from. After all, no one wants to wear a winter coat at the airport in the middle of summer. However, if you can tolerate wearing such items for a few hours until you get to your airplane or train seat, this strategy may just pay off.

7. Add More Items At the End

Suitcase packing isn’t an exact science and you will definitely be able to fit far more into a large luggage than you would have imagined. If you still have some items left to pack, even after following each of the tips mentioned above, try this: 

  • Zip up your suitcase
  • Place it in the upright position
  • Shake it from side to side
  • Unzip it from the top
  • Stuff more items into it
  • Zip it back shut

Believe it or not the above strategy just works. You will be surprised by how much extra stuff you can squeeze into a suitcase at the very end.

8. Invest in a Reliable Suitcase

Our final tip isn’t directly related to packing, but it could save you a lot of trouble. Investing in a reliable suitcase is essential even if you aren’t having trouble packing for your holiday. A truly reliable suitcase will be able to hold its contents securely no matter how many items you pack into it.

Sturdy suitcases, such as the ones offered by Royce and Rocket, are designed to accommodate being packed tightly. You won’t have to worry about the zippers on such suitcases giving way and your luggage bursting open in-transit.

So consider purchasing a suitcase from a reliable manufacturer who understands the importance of offering large luggage or trunk luggage that stay closed during travel.

Pack Smart for Your Upcoming Trip 

The above tips should be useful for anyone who doesn’t feel confident about their packing ability. Each strategy can help you squeeze a few more items into your suitcase. Combining all these strategies helps ensure you use every inch of space efficiently.

If you’re looking for a reliable suitcase with some extra goodies, please check out our selection of products at Royce and Rocket. Each of our suitcases was designed with style, comfort, and functionality in mind. They also include built-in shelves which may be useful during your trip.

Our luggage with shelves aim to make traveling more fun and convenient for those with a passion to explore the world. So consider viewing our selection of products and grabbing one of our suitcases to make your next trip extra special.

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