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8 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

8 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Generally speaking, traveling is mostly expensive. In these times of economic instability, traveling seems to have become almost a dream for most. For starters, finding the right trunk luggage can be expensive enough. However, regardless of how much it feels like this, we assure you that with the right planning, you can still have a memorable time in your travels while being on a budget.

Below are some ways on how to save money while traveling.

Travel during the Off-Season

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to travel in the off-season. This is when tourism is at its lowest, so you'll find better deals on everything from airfare to accommodations.

You may wonder how off-seasons actually benefit you. The answer is simple – demand. When everyone wants to travel to the same destination at the same time, prices will naturally go up. So if you can be flexible with your travel dates, you can often save a lot of money. Another reason for off-seasons is climate. Take Europe, for example, where the climate is usually cold. The off-season in most European countries is the winter season. Hence, the prices of everything, from airfare to hotel accommodations to even souvenirs in the local market, are low.

Since fares are low during off-seasons, you can plan your trunk luggage contents better. You will know what and how much to take since you will be on a strict budget. In the holidays, however, there are often unexpected plans for which you normally wouldn’t be prepared for.

Look for Connecting Flights and Budget Airlines

A lot of people avoid connecting flights because they take a lot longer to reach their travel destination. However, they are an excellent way to reduce your expenses as airlines usually charge more for direct flights. When you search for different flights, try to go for connecting ones with longer stopovers. In most cases, such flights will definitely reduce your expenses as not many people would prefer to travel by them. The catch is, this may involve spending a few extra hours at the airport, but it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Many people, in fact, like to spend time at the layover where they can see people from many different nationalities.

Another way to do this is to fly into one city and out of another. For example, if you're travelling to Europe, you could fly to London and then take a budget airline to your next destination. This can often be much cheaper than taking a direct flight.

Do Not Put All Your Money at the Same Place

You have probably heard the old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket. The same concept applies to traveling with cash, that is, don't put all your money in one place while traveling. This is especially important if you're going to be visiting a lot of different places. It's always a good idea to have some cash on hand for emergencies. But try not to travel with too much cash on you. This makes you a high-potential target for thieves and pickpockets. Instead, use a credit or debit card whenever possible. This way, if your card is lost or stolen, you can always cancel it and get a new one before you suffer any financial losses.

We recommend dividing your cash into smaller bundles and storing them in different places on your person or the trunk luggage. For example, you can put some in your wallet, some in your shoe, and some in your carry-on bag. Make sure to remember where you have put your money and cards. You can write the places down in a notebook, but there is always a chance of misplacing the book. Whenever you step out of your hotel, always plan ahead to how much expenses you will likely incur and keep that amount only.

Use Public Transportation

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of public transport. Whenever possible, use public transportation instead of cabs or private cars as it is usually much cheaper and can help you save a lot of money while traveling.

Another benefit of using public transportation when traveling is that it can help you avoid getting lost. If you're new to a city, it is too easy to lose yourself while taking in all the sights. If you don't know how to find your way back to the hotel, public transport will be a great guide. They will not only orient you in the right direction but will also reduce your expenses.

Use a Budgeting App

It may be a challenge to keep yourself under a budget for your daily living, but in the end, you will see how rewarding it is. There are several different applications that you can use which will help you save money while traveling.

A budgeting app will enable you to track all your daily expenses in different categories like Food or Entertainment. Once your expenses are categorized accordingly, it becomes much easier to see where you are splurging your money. Consequently, you can then think of appropriate alternatives to reduce your expenses.

Shop at the Local Supermarket

If you are staying in a hotel, it is very likely that you will be asked to pay a premium for everything from the food to the shampoo in the bathroom. To save money while traveling, we recommend that you buy your essentials like water and snacks from the local supermarket instead of from your hotel. This will help you save money while traveling and reduce your expenses on fine dining restaurants.

Another great tip is to cook your own meals whenever possible. You can either use the kitchen in your hotel room or get a portable stove if you're staying at an Airbnb. Eating out at restaurants can quickly rack up your expenses. The reason why many restaurants are expensive is because they have to pay for their staff, rent, and other overhead costs. When you cook your own meals, you only have to pay for the ingredients, which are obviously much cheaper than eating out.

Go for Hostels and Airbnbs Instead of Hotels

This may seem like a no-brainer, but, nevertheless, it still needs to be highlighted. Staying in hostels and Airbnbs is always going to be cheaper than staying in hotels. Not only do hostels offer dormitory-style beds, which are significantly cheaper than hotel rooms, but they also offer a lot of other amenities like free breakfast and Wi-Fi.

It is important to mention that not hostels will be cheaper. Some hostels in major tourist destinations can be just as expensive (or even more expensive) than hotels. But for the most part, hostels are more budget-friendly.

Another benefit of going for hostels and Airbnbs instead of hotels is that they offer a more authentic experience. You will get to meet other travelers from all over the world and learn about their cultures. You can also participate in group outings and activities, which are usually organized by the hostel staff. This can be an excellent way to see the city and save money while traveling.

Choose Your Attractions Carefully


Surely, you must have seen all the insta-worthy photos of travelers in different tourist sights. While those photos only serve to make you envious, you will often find the reality to be quite disappointing. Many of those places are overrated or unnecessarily expensive. You won't be missing much if you skip them out and go for a more authentic experience. We recommend visiting the local bars and cafes if you wish to enjoy the city in all its charm and glory without having to dig deep into your wallets.

Another great tip is to look for free or discounted attractions. Many museums offer free admission on certain days of the week. Furthermore, if you're a student, you can usually get a discount on tickets which is a great way to reduce your expenses. There are also many walking tours available in most major cities, which are an excellent way to see the sights without spending any money.


Traveling does not have to be expensive. With a little bit of planning and research, you can easily find ways to save money while traveling. One major expenditure that comes along with traveling is buying the right  bag for your trunk luggage. Fortunately, Royce and Rocket are here to the rescue! With their budget-friendly yet high-quality 30-inch luggage bag, you will never have to worry about storage capacity.

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