Where did you get the idea for Royce & Rocket?

After decades of traveling around the world, we realized two things: 1) time is precious and 2) too much of it is wasted on mundane stuff like packing.  We came up with Castle Shelves as a way to stay easily organized on-the-go, without taking time away from adventures.  

Are the Castle Shelves a new invention?

You bet. Three years of research, trial and a whole lot of errors went into creating the Castle Shelves. We're currently patent pending and super excited to share our innovation with you! 

Who’s behind Royce & Rocket?

Rana and Camryn - a mother-daughter duo. From London to Oman, to NYC, to Bangkok, the Maldives, Cairo and beyond, they're traveled the world and are always looking for ways to do so more efficiently. Travel and travel products are their obsession.   

Can I buy a bag at a store? 

Not right now. We’re only available online. It’s how we ensure you get the best bag at the best price -- which means more to spend on traveling. 

Love to try Royce & Rocket. Any special offers? 

Sometimes! Drop your email below and we'll make sure you're the first to know about our sales.