Here’s how to set the lock for any R&R luggage product. The TSA-approved lock will come preset with the combination “0-0-0” and can be personalized by doing the following.  

Step 1 

  • To unlock the zippers, make sure the combination reads “0-0-0”, then push the TSA access slider in the direction of the arrow. Both zipper pulls will be released. 

Step 2

  • Press down the reset button with a pen or other small tool until it clicks—no need to keep holding it down after that; it’ll automatically stay down (the reset button is the small circle button located to the right of the number dials).

Step 3

  • Then roll the digits on the number dial to your desired combination. 

Step 4

  • Then slide the TSA access slider in the direction of the arrow, the reset button will pop back up and your combination will be set.
  • You may change and reset your lock again by following the above steps 
Keep your personal combination in a safe place for future reference! Please note that once your lock is set, no one else will know how to get in your bag - and that includes us. We suggest emailing the combo to yourself, tucking it into your passport, or saving it as a contact in your phone - anything to make sure you don't lock yourself out!